The Staten Island Chess Club
Established in 1890 by Gustav A. Barth


The first president of The Staten Island Chess Club wrote the words below in the preface to his book titled, "Staten Island Chess-Nuts: a selection from the problems composed by Gustav A. Barth."  Dedicated to The Staten Island Chess Club, May of 1895.

"As an appreciation for the many pleasant hours I passed away within the walls of Staten Islands Temple of Caissa, I take great pleasure in offering this little selection from my compositions, as a souvenir to this its fifth anniversary.

Thanks to the hearty encouragements received from my friends, notably among them being Hartwig Cassel, Emil Hoffman, Herrman Bennecke, A. B. Hodges, Dr. S. Gold, and Dr. L.D. Broughton, Jr., all gentlemen of international repute, in my aim to gradually ascend the difficult ladder of "La Poesie d' Echecs,"  I am in the position to show my high appreciation in this form.

The compositions selected have all been published on this as well as on the other side of the great waters, principally appearing in the following magazines and journals:  British Chess magazine, Deutsche Schachzeitung, Deutsches Wochenschach, Bahn Frei, Standard-Union, London Times, Times-Democrat, The Staten Islander, and Baltimore News.

As a last word to the recipients be it said, that it is my sincerest wish, that none but pleasant recollections of the chess-gatherings on Staten Island may be prompted by an occasional glance at this little brochure; and if as such it will serve, full compensation for the task of its compilation is acknowledged by

Fraternally Yours,

Gustav A. Barth.       Staten Island, May, 1895."

The book can be viewed by clicking the title:  Staten Island Chess-Nuts by Gustav A. Barth.

The Staten Island Chess Club is mentioned in the American Chess Magazine, June 1897, Volume 1, Number 1.  Interestingly, many of the names mention in Barth's Preface appear in the magazine as well.

American Chess Magazine: Volume 1, Number 1, June 1897.

The Ottendorfer Cup was won by the club in 1893 and the trophy became the property of the club after three consecutive wins, or five non consecutive wins.  Source: American Chess Magazine, Vol 1, No. 2, Pg. 99.

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