The Staten Island Chess Club
Established in 1890 by Gustav A. Barth


Our club has a casual and peaceful atmosphere that should be accommodating to all those who are interested in the game of chess. We have knowledgeable members and strong players of all levels and quite a few chess instructors who regularly teach the endless tactics and infinite movements of our beloved game.  Our membership is culturally diverse from all walks of life aged 8 to 80, and perhaps beyond!  We are lucky to be well represented and we welcome all. 

Joining the club is as simple as coming to visit us on Wednesday evenings where you will play, interact, and certainly leave more knowledgeable of the game, even if only in a small way at first.  The regular players usually bring a roll-up chess board and chess pieces and sometimes even a chess clock.  If you do not have one, that is fine as there is usually an extra set available, or a set awaiting an arriving player like yourself! 

The current annual membership fee is $50.00 per person, which you will find to be an absolute bargain once you experience the teaching and analytical abilities of our members.  You can be sure that your rating and knowledge of the game will joyfully increase, while having a great time, meeting new people, and making life long friends.  We look forward to seeing you at the club and wish you the best of luck in your chess journey.
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